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Brothers was first formed in 1919. In the late 1930’s a dispute arose over the name of “Brothers” as, at the time the Catholic Bishop Basil Roper objected as he did not want the name “Brothers” or St Mary’s College been associated with non-Catholic members who may have been playing with the club. Most of the members joined a team know as Charlton for a short time but, not long failed due to financial difficulties and was disbanded.

Rev Dean Michael of Holy Name had a rugby union team “YCW” playing in the local rugby union competition. During the war years Rugby union went into recession so Rev Michael decided to enter the team into the local Rugby League competition. He became President and Jack McGaw became Secretary. Between them they set out forming the new All Whites Rugby League Club.

Why ALL WHITES? For those that can remember, it was in the middle of the war years and supplies of any description were hard to get. The only jerseys at time were WHITE so, there lay the simple answer. The club reverted back to Brothers some 50 years later largely because of insurances and incorporation requirements. We have turned back the clock 60 years and returned to Brothers Toowoomba as of 2005.

In the late 50’s rugby league was running strong in Toowoomba that all four clubs, Valleys, Newtown, Souths and All Whites had reserve grade sides equaled their top grade sides. Junior rugby league was limited to a school weight division, this was an unfair competition as you could have a 12 year old light player marking a 10 year old in the same division.

Junior rugby league as we know it today was first formed in 1970 largely with thanks to Kev Hamilton and Pat Herbert. The governing body back then was Darling Downs Junior Rugby League – which as we know it day as Toowoomba Junior Rugby League and was affiliated with the TRL and with permission Kev Hamilton as founding President set up a competition. As Kev had an affiliation with Newtown and in the early 1970’s kids aged 10-14 from across the region were asked to come and try and gauging from the interest in attendance the competition was going to happen. All Whites Seniors President Jack Lee delegated Keith Doyle to hold a meeting at the old All Whites Clubhouse. From this meeting Pat Herbert was elected as President of the new juniors club, Neville Gaffney Secretary and Brian Condon as Treasurer.
At the commencement of the competition there was Newtown, All Whites, slowing joined by Souths, Valleys only entered later that year along with Clifton, Pittsworth, Cecil Plains, and Oakey. Cecil Plains didn’t last very long so Millmerran took their place. There was various comings and goings Clifton left which saw Gatton join and new club Toowoomba Wests form. In the 1970’s there were three grades U10’s, U12’s & U14’s. Under 11’s and Under 13’s had to fit in the upper sides. By 1973 we had side from Under 9’s – Under 14’s.
Brothers Junior Rugby League as we know it today is run by a committee (which consits of volunteers) and, is all about the development of players from an early age. The rules, field size, ball size and playing time are all adjusted over the years to develop with the player and increase their skills.

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The current status of the Brothers JRL grounds is Open.

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