Brothers Toowoomba JRL will be fielding teams from Under 6 to Under 17, including Girls teams (U13, U15, U17) in the TJRL competition.
The following information has been provided for your benefit.  Please take the time to familiarise yourself with the contents of this website and enjoy the 2024 Rugby League season with Brothers Toowoomba JRL.

Our Club’s Vision and Mission Statements clearly articulate what we are about.

Vision Statement

Our club is dedicated to fostering the growth of Rugby League in the Toowoomba region by providing leadership, support, and direction. We are a family-oriented club that values inclusiveness, nurturing, and support for all our members. We believe that having fun and enjoying the game is just as important as winning. Our club promotes lifelong membership, and we are committed to helping young people develop into better individuals.


Mission Statement

Our Club aims to provide strong leadership by implementing effective governance policies and achieving financial independence. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for all members, with a focus on building a supportive and tight-knit community. Additionally, we are committed to the development of Rugby League and foster a sense of loyalty among our members to ensure a lifelong passion for the sport



Enforces the existing National Code of Conduct

What is the Program – A fully aligned statewide program that empowers volunteers to proactively tackle behaviour issues and create a positive environment at Community Rugby League games.

Why do we need it? – We need this program to prevent poor behaviour and violence before it escalates and continue to allow our game to be promoted as a safe, positive and inclusive sport.  Anyone attending matches needs to be aware that if they behave poorly, the team on the field may have their game abandoned, lose competition points or be removed from the competition and the individual may be excluded from attending TJRL games and events for some time.

Full details of this program can be found at:





Link to full details – Conduct

ALL Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents/carers, coaches, officials and spectators.

“Rugby League is a game for all, with a place for all. It is a sport built by the community and bound by the values of being inclusive, positive, united and disciplined. The Rugby League Code of Conduct is a direct reflection of the behaviours and standards that all players, parents, coaches, match officials, spectators and volunteers, expect the game to uphold. It is not only our duty, but everyone’s duty, to ensure the environment we create and expect abides by these rules, regardless of age, gender and ability.”  Peter V’landys – Chairman ARLC

No person(s) attending a match, function, or Club related event or activity shall:

  1. Use offensive or obscene language to any participant.
  2. Enter the Field of Play or the Playing Area during a match without the prior approval of the Ground Manager appointed by the home Club and/or League.
  3. Excessively dispute the decision of a Referee or Touch Judge either during or after a match.
  4. Assault, or act with aggression, to any person/s.
  5. Behave in a way contrary to the Code of Conduct and/or the spirit of the game.
  6. Behave in a way that disturbs the enjoyment of a match, function, activity or event by any person/s, or brings discredit to any Club, League or game.
  7. Act in such a way as to exhibit racial intolerance, by language or other conduct, to any person/s.
  8. Refuse to accept the reasonable direction of the Ground Manager, an official of the team/ Club which that person is supporting, or an official of the home Club and/or League.
  9. No person/s may comment or take actions that bring discredit to any person, Club or league through any social media outlet.

Clubs are responsible for the conduct of their players, parents/carers, coaches, officials and spectators.

Breaches of the Rugby League Code of Conduct may result in penalties, including but not limited to:

› Suspension of a match and

› Termination of a match (including potential forfeiture of competition points) and

› Monetary fines and

› Suspension of a participant on a temporary or permanent basis and

› Suspension of a Club, League or Association on a temporary or permanent basis

These penalties are in addition to any penalty which may be imposed by the relevant governing League bodies.



Vice President

Kris Morrison



Koral Morrison



Athony Donald



Erin Armstrong



EVERYONE involved in the great game of Rugby League MUST register online via PlayRugbyLeague.com – this includes Players, Coaches, Trainers (First Aid Officers and League Safe/Water Runners), Managers, and other members involved in facilitating the Game.

Returning Players are best to register as soon as registration is open, Please make sure your information is up to date on PlayRugbyLeague.com(MySideLine) including all Medical Information.

New Players are those who have never played Club rugby league before.  New Players may register to Brothers Toowoomba JRL here, you must also provide and upload an ID (Birth Certificate or Passport) showing the player’s Date of Birth if this is not completed there may be a delay in registration.

Clearances (Transfers): Players transferring to Brothers from another club.  The Clearance process can start by:

The clearance must be approved by:

  • The player’s previous club
  • Relevant local leagues and regions
  • Brothers Toowoomba JRL
  • Once the clearance is approved at all levels, the Player will receive notification via email. They MUST then complete the registration form online at https://bit.ly/BTJRLREG 
  • VALID ID (e.g. Birth Certificate, Passport) is required for all NEW and TRANSFERRING Players. Failure to provide ID at the time of registration may result in processing delays.

Examples of reasons for clearance denial include:

  • Unpaid fees at previous club
  • Governing Body rules preventing transfer (e.g. Player meets “representative” status)
  • We reach our maximum number of clearances per age group (limits set by QRL)
  • Player numbers are already at capacity

Register Here




Insurance is now Mandatory to be paid by the participant at the time of Registration via https://bit.ly/BTJRLREG

Under 6 to U17: $185

  • Junior Fees excludes TJRL Insurance, Includes players kit (includes Training shirt, Cap and Club Magazine at the end of the season), and end-of-year presentation function.
  • Full payment is required for Players to be assigned to a team, take the field and receive their player kit. Players will NOT receive their player kit or be permitted to take to the field until fees have been paid In full.
  • Players with outstanding fees from previous years will not be assigned to a team until such fees are paid.
  • Any payment plans will need to be approved by the Registrar, Treasurer, President

Sibling/Family Discount – First child is at full price ($185 [U6-U17] ), then $20 off for subsequent children ($165 [U6 -U17] ) enter details here https://bit.ly/3sXv0bD.


Payment of Registration

Player Registration Fees can be paid via:

  • Online at the time of registration through MySideLine (part payments are accepted via this option). You can pay in full at the time of registration, or click “Complete Registration” and make payment via the below methods
  • EFTPOS/Credit Card accepted in the Clubhouse (Tues & Thurs 4:30-6:00 pm during the season, though times may vary)
  • Part payment using Qld Government FairPlay vouchers are accepted. Check your eligibility or apply for a voucher at https://bit.ly/3laJ0L5 forward your pdf voucher to fairplayvouchers@brothersjrltoowoomba.org.au  for it to be applied to your child’s registration fees. Balance to be paid via EFTPOS/PAYMENT FORM


Outstanding Registration Fees


If a Player has outstanding fees from 2023 or previous years, they will not be permitted to play or be allocated to a team until unpaid fees are paid in full.  These players will also not be eligible for a transfer to another club until outstanding fees have been paid.



All JUNIOR PLAYERS (U6 to U17) will now pay a compulsory Insurance Premium as set by the Queensland Rugby League (QRL).  Government Legislation does not allow General Insurers to cover any costs subject to a Medicare rebate.  There may still be out-of-pocket expenses applicable due to the schedule fee gap.

All injuries are to be reported to us so the injury can be recorded at the club for future reference.

For all insurance queries, please contact AJG Insurance Broker – contact details can be found on their website: https://www.ajg.com.au/contact

QRL Insurance

The current status of the Brothers JRL grounds is Open.

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