Positive Environment Program

The Positive Environment Program (PEP) is a fully aligned statewide program that empowers volunteers to proactively tackle behaviour issues and create a positive environment at Community Rugby League games.

Some other key points on the PEP:

  • A zerotolerance, evidencebased program to support volunteers and help prevent issues.
  • Suppling key resources and utilising the National Code of Conduct to address repeated poor behaviour via a demerit system. A program that rewards teams and clubs for creating a positive environment at Community Rugby League.
  • In a similar program with awareness campaigns the total number of offences charged by the judiciary dropped 41.7 per cent; and among those, the number of charges for offensive language towards a match official, dropped by 42.4 percent.

The PEP has been underdevelopment for the past 8 months with consultation concluding recently with Local Leagues, Referees Association and Local Clubs across the state.

The program will include ambassador messaging, consistent awareness campaigns and key resources to remind all attendees of the positive involvement they must have when attending community Rugby League matches


The current status of the Brothers JRL grounds is Open.

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