Alcohol Free Club

Brothers Toowoomba JRL are pleased to announce that our club and its surrounding areas have been designated as a non-alcoholic environment.

We kindly request the cooperation of all club members and their guests in adhering to this policy.

No Dogs Allowed

Like many other Junior Rugby League Football Clubs the Brothers Toowoomba JRL is a ‘Dog Free’ Zone. No dogs are permitted on the premises during training nights or on game days.

This policy is in place for a number of reasons but particularly for:

  1. A number of children and adults who visit our club are frightened of dogs
  2. A dog that potentially could enter the field during an official game places the players at risk.

Anyone bringing dogs to the club will be asked to remove the dog from the premises.

People with a disability who use assistance from animals such as a guide dog are excluded from the ‘No Dog’ policy.

No Smoking or Vaping Policy

We have a no-smoking or vaping policy.

Strictly no smoking in or around the Club or on Club grounds.

See Here for more information

No Parking in Roadway

Parents are reminded there is no parking permitted on the roadway at any time.
We ask for the safety of all our children and that parking be confined to the areas provided.
We would appreciate your adherence to this for the safety of the kids at all times.

The current status of the Brothers JRL grounds is Open.

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