Club Life Members

Mr Eric Williams
Mr Leo Cruise (decd)
Mr Barry Turner
Mr Evan Hogan (Norelle)
Mr Tony & Jackie Price
Mr Mike Kalinowski
Mrs Dawn Wagland
Mr Reg Parsons (Pat)
Mrs Rita Schurmann
Mrs Audrey Manteit
Mr Russell Skuse (Lynda)
Mrs Betty Fiedler
Mr Larry Lee
Mr Adrian Peters
Mr David Beauchamp
Mr Joe Hannant
Mr Terry Phillips
Mrs Kylie Phillips
Mr Merv Manteit (decd)
Mr Kevin Fiedler (decd)
Mr Vic Scheikowski (decd)
Mr Chris Rogers
Mr Pat Johnston
Mrs Ida Campbell
Mr Garth Perkins(Decd)
Ms Shona O’Neill
Mr Steve Betros
Mr Chris Pomfrett
Mrs Kylie Mohr
Mr John Haywood


Barry Coonan (Roslyn)
Mrs Bernice Herbert
Beryl & Les Francisco
Katie Fahey

The current status of the Brothers JRL grounds is Open.

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