Brothers & Beyond

Brothers Toowoomba Rugby League are very proud of the following former players of
Who have gone on to represent
Qld, NRL and Australia

International Rugby League from All Whites/Brothers
Jack Rooney, Des McGovern, Ian Doyle, Tom Payne, Elton Rasmussen, Wayne Bennett

International Rugby League players who played for Juniors
Dan Staines

International Rugby League who played before or after with All Whites/Brothers
Pat McMahon, Bill Thompson, Frank Drake, Bob Gehrke, Alan Gil, Frank Drake, John Gleeson, Jonathan Thurston, Jason Smith

NRL Players from All Whites/Brothers
Peter Gill, Don Saunders, Trent Young, Jonathan Thurston, Kyle Warren, Chris Walker

State of Origin players who played before or after
Jonathan Thurston, Jason Smith
and from the Juniors
Ian French, Brett French, Dan Staines

Queensland Rep players from All Whites/Brothers
Des McGovern, Bob Nutall, Bill Sullivan, Kevin Boshammer, Jack Rooney, Ian Doyle, Bob Buckley, Tom Payne, Jim Payne, John Eaton, Frank Drake, Elton Rasmussen, Alan Gil, Kev Lohman, John Gleeson, Glen Brown, John McGrath, Ron Beauchamp, Paul Coote, Wayne Bennett

Queensland Rep Players who played before or after from All Whites/Brothers
Bill Brown, Jack Gayler, Doug Dobson, Pat McMahon, Bill Thompson, Henry Mogg, Athol Halpin, Bill Monkland, Bob Gehrke, Denis Ferguson, John Doyle, Frank Purcell, Graham Lena,  Wayne Lindenberg


Special thank you to Eric ‘Bluey’ Williams for supplying this knowledgeable information

The current status of the Brothers JRL grounds is Open.

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